5 Reasons to go see: The Felt Tips

5 Reasons to go see: The Felt Tips

1 They’re high flyers The Felt Tips met while enjoying a classic rock’n’roll past time – not freebasing cocaine at 10,000 feet, but flying a kite on Largs beach in 2006.

2 Big specs and cardigans are a must The jangly Glasgow quartet continue a long lineage of bookish Scottish pop, from Belle & Sebastian to Camera Obscura and Butcher Boy. Thrift shop-wear at the ready.

3 Awkward trysts in public parks and first-time fumblings Just some of the fruity themes tackled by Felt Tips songwriter Andrew Paterson, a lyricist from the Jarvis Cocker school of witty commentary on British sexual mores.

4 They’re big in America. Well, not really, but they have released singles via Miami, Florida-based label Cloudberry Records who have a strong Scottish connection (other affiliated locals include The Catalysts and Occasional Flickers). We struggle to imagine that drizzle-soaked melancholia sounds quite the same in the Sunshine State.

5 They’ll help wave off some minor indie legends The Felt Tips will be supporting The Lucksmiths at this show, in what will be the final UK date of the cult Australian band’s farewell tour, after 16 years and 11 albums, each of them a proud DNC (did not chart).

Half My Heart Beats @ Stereo, Glasgow, Thu 9 Jul.

The Lucksmiths, The Felt Tips and The Second Hand Marching Band

Australian old school indie pop trio supported by the big indie band sounds of SHMB.

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