White Denim

White Denim

Relentless touring can have strange effects on a band, but in White Denim’s case it left them so stroppy that they came up with their best record to date. Fits takes its title from the ups and downs and tantrums of the recording process as the Texan trio set to work in their notorious studio-cum-trailer, but as frontman James Petralli explains, it left them a much more bonded band. ‘We really became family over the last year. When we were making the record we were pulling against each other a lot and I think it was due to a combination of us all having pretty strong personalities and also a distinct vision of what we want to do musically. But in the process we learned a lot about playing together and how to interpret each others’ emotional states,’ he laughs.

In this second offering the threesome follow a more coherent and cohesive path, while still staying true to their thrilling experimental tendencies. In fact, the work started out as one continuous piece of music but eventually bits and bobs were trimmed out to make separate songs.

It is a way of writing White Denim are keen to carry on exploring. ‘We’re working on this new freakbeat/psych thing right now which will be constructed like a mixtape with a really good steady build and consistent flow and rhythm to it. There are so many different ways to make music now, it makes sense to try out new stuff and keep pushing things forward.’

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Mon 29 Jun

White Denim and Royal Bangs

Texas band described as 'craftsmen of a spastic garage'.

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