5 Things - Brendon Burns

5 Things you might not know about . . .

Brendon Burns

1 Aussie comic Burns believes that death is our second biggest fear. Number one is speaking in front of a group of people.

2 He’s constantly compared to three icons of barnstorming American comedy: Lenny Bruce, Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks. Had they been alive today, you could well imagine them handing out magic mushrooms to an entire audience at Glastonbury.

3 A short spell as a host on ITV2’s I’m a Celebrity ‘analysis’ show ended when he quit after a corked hat was plopped on his head.

4 In 2001, he took a role in a half-hour Comedy Lab production called Turn the World Down starring Sean Hughes and Rosie Cavaliero about a kid who discovers some nasty secrets when he plays truant for a week. Rather fortunately, Burns’ character was called Brendan.

5 He is particularly loved by other comics. Rich Hall said that ‘if stand-ups were dogs, Brendon would be a dingo. The kind that eats babies.’ Johnny Vegas believes that ‘we should be grateful that he’s too talented for panto.’

The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 26-Sat 28 Apr.

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