Ebony Bones - Bone of My Bones (3 stars)

Ebony Bones - Bone of My Bones

(Sunday Best)

Whilst the DIY styling of afro-punk upstart Ebony Bones rightly aspires to the anti-glam perfection practised and polished by the likes of Santigold and M.I.A. the resulting sounds and gaud flirt dangerously with the resemblance of a small town carnival float. Proffering up a good dose of the now familiar London text-speak natter, tracks such as ‘Im Yr Future X Wife’ and ‘Don’t Fart on My Hart’ warmly adhere to a certain English pop eccentricity. Although her promisingly bolshie and eclectic beginnings fade to little more than some easily digested electro beats, there remains something distinctly likeable about this perpetually pissed off dame.

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