Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash Remixed (2 stars)

Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash Remixed

(EAR Music)

‘My father made his stead by defying the expected and accepted way of things,’ says John Carter Cash on the liner notes to this ambitous project exec produced by Cash, Beyoncé’s old man Matthew Knowles and Snoop Dogg. And while the idea behind these 18 tracks is true, the result is, frankly, a mess.

Mixing Cash’s hillbilly growl and shuffle with hip hop and dance was always going to be fraught with danger, the worst comes from the biggest names here as Snoop himself phones in some flaccid gangsterisms over a morsel of ‘I Walk the Line’ and hip hop legend Pete Rock turns the grim drama of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ into a weird cartoon theme.

The better ones – Midnight Juggernauts’s ambient reshape of ‘Port of Lonely Hearts’ and The Heavy’s chunky redraft of ‘Doin’ My Time’ lift the spirit, if not the sound of the original to create something new. A cynical (ahem) cash-in? A proud project? An admirable failure at best.

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