Spare Snare - I Love You, I Hate You (3 stars)

Spare Snare - I Love You, I Hate You


For the uninitiated, Spare Snare (voted 46th in The List’s all-time Top Scottish bands poll) have been on-the-go since leader Jan D Burnett set up his home studio in Dundee around the early 90s.

An acquired taste, their blend of noisy/trippy kitsch-pop was once a fave of the late, great John Peel, while DIY albums surfaced periodically.

Clocking in under 40-mins, the group’s new 12-track album ploughs an identical formula: simplistic, anthemic and paranoiac. Very good but never amazing, memorable moments come via ‘Kicking Up Leaves’, ‘We Know the Truth’, ‘Qwerty for the Masses’ and ‘Bad Day’.

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