Some Explicit Polaroids

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  • 25 June 2009
Some Explicit Polaroids

Fledgling Glasgow company Flat Rate theatre revive this 1999 play by Shopping and Fucking enfant terrible Mark Ravenhill for the Ramshorn. The piece, which features a typical ‘in-yer-face’ mix of sex, violence and drug-taking, portrays 1980s political anarchist Nick’s struggle to identify with society and politics in the apathetic 90s after having been in jail for 15 years for the attempted murder of a Thatcherite businessman. As Ravenhill weaves his colouful supporting cast into this mix – a gay, HIV-positve man and his Russian boyfriend, a Labour councillor with one eye on a parliamentary seat and an erotic dancer – what emerges is a brutal portrait of urban alientation.

Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow, until Fri 26 Jun.

Some Explicit Polaroids

Snapshots of urban grit from the author of 'Shopping and Fucking'.


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