We like - 25th June 2009

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  • 25 June 2009

The things making our world just that little bit better

This week, as everyone needs a hobby, we’ve mostly been admiring our sub editor’s shoes, which are oak-brown leather Chuck Taylor Converse All Star. We are just, like, such a stylish office!

We’ve also been sucked into the frankly bonkers world of Glasgow-based illustrator Claire Murray. Check her out here: www.clairemurray.co.uk or at the Owl & Lion gallery in the Grassmarket.

Bonus points this fortnight to Download, who bravely tried to stream the entire festival on one massive, glowing, pulsating webcast, only to be scuppered by their rubbish broadband connection.

Because we’re all secret goths round here, we’re getting into HBO’s True Blood, coming to UK screens from Fri 17 Jul. It’s about vampires. Wait, stay with us! It’s a really good show about vampires!

Finally, we love the new Allez Allez remix of Fever Ray track ‘Triangle Walks’. Free, legal download, you say? Sure thing: tinyurl.com/list4.

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