Dfrnt Trouble at The Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 27 Apr; Classic Grand, Glasgow, Sat 28 Apr


Where London quartet Spektrum initially capitalised to good effect on the nascent punk-funk movement that American contemporaries like The Rapture, Radio 4 and the nascent LCD Soundsystem were developing, their new album Fun At The Gymkhana Club sees them move on a few steps from debut Enter The Spektrum towards becoming a truly unique live dance proposition.

Thus far, of course, the multi-national group - singer Lola Loafasoye is a Londoner born to Nigerian parents, Teia Williams and Isaac Tucker are New Zealanders, while Gabriel Olegavich is a Londoner born to Russian parents - have largely capitalised on the underground success of their song ‘Kinda New’, as remixed to dazzlingly dancefloor-shaking effect by Tiefschwartz. ‘We started hearing it on dancefloors in 2004’, recalls Williams, ‘after our old label Playhouse had offered the track to them [Tiefschwartz]. It blew up just after that to become quite a big hit on the underground dance scene. 2004 was quite a good year for us.’

It’s been the highpoint so far of a long gestation for Spektrum, Loafasoye and Olegavich were in the first incarnation of the band, before Williams and Tucker joined them and started moulding them into the fully instrumental, club-friendly monolith they’ll be unleashing at Triptych. ‘The intention was always just to make good live music,’ recalls Williams, ‘but when we’re together, we just happen to make this really fast electro funk. It really works for the dancefloor, and I like the fact that we’ve become this late-night club band because of it.’

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