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  • 23 April 2007


The best books, comics & events

Happy Birthday Miffy! Everyone’s favourite carrot-muncher (after, perhaps, Bugs Bunny and, maybe, Jessica Rabbit) gets her own gig at the NLS as Dick Bruna’s creation becomes the subject of an extensive collection of art works and interactive gear. National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. Thu 26 Apr.

Liz Lochhead One of the country’s best-loved polymaths talks about her varied career which has included poetry such as Memo for Spring, adaptations of literary classics Dracula and Medea, and collaborations with the likes of Dundee folkster Michael Marra. Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Wed 2 May.

David Lynch See preview. Thames & Hudson.

Clive Stafford Smith After a career filled with fighting for the rights of condemned prisoners in the US, this British-born lawyer was reaching the end of his tether. Then 9/11 happened and the sprouting of American ‘detention centres’ in Cuba gave him a fresh impetus to keep up the battle against state-sponsored oppression. See review. Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Stan Lee & Steve Ditko The world is set to go Spidey crazy with the new movie coming out and it’s only right that the medium which first spawned this iconic superhero should get a bite. So, here comes an anthology from the original creators with Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man 1964. See review. Marvel/Panini.

Kevin Smith & Terry Dodson And yet more Peter Parker-inflected stuff with Spider-Man & Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do, a new dialogue-heavy story spun from the director of Clerks and Dogma. See review. Marvel/Panini.

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