Paris Hilton is being watched

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  • 23 June 2009
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is being watched

Paris Hilton is reportedly ''very jittery'' after finding out her hotel room in Dubai - where she is filming her latest TV series - has been bugged

Paris Hilton's Dubai hotel room has been bugged.

The US socialite, who is in the United Arab Emirates filming her latest reality TV show, was reportedly horrified when bodyguards found a recording device hidden in her private suite.

A source working with the 28-year-old star told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "It was some sort of transmitter by all accounts. We are not sure what the device picked up or whom it was transmitting to. But it did leave Paris very jittery.

"Paris's security has been increased and hotel staff are investigating how the device came to be in her room."

Meanwhile Paris - who is filming a third series of her show 'My New Best Friend Forever' - has denied reports she has been warned by TV producers not to wear a bikini in the conservative Muslim state.

She wrote on her Twitter blog: "One of my friends just called me from back home and asked if I got in trouble for wearing a bikini at the beach here and once again - FALSE.

"Everyone at the beach and pool was wearing swimsuits or bikinis. What do you expect people to wear? It's over 100 degrees out here.

"There's a lot of misconceptions about this place, the dress code isn't as strict as one might think. I love the way they dress. Beautiful."

She also wrote that she has ridden a camel while in the state and is set to go indoor skiing today (23.06.09).

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