Comics - Spider-Man: Skin Deep (3 stars)

J Michael Straczynski & Mike Deodato Jr

Spider-Man: Skin Deep (Marvel/Panini)


Jump cut to the latest collection from Marvel UK of exactly the same title (Amazing Spider-Man, now running at issues 515-518 in this compendium). Now married to Mary-Jane, this is more the world of Spidey we know and love. Dipping back to Parker’s teenage years we find a fellow nerd who attended the same high-school, now a research scientist looking for the ultimate amour alloy. Of course things go wrong and an explosion transforms him into an indestructible monster.

J Michael Straczynski (creator of TV’s Babylon 5) has a fantastic take on the series, investing his main characters with angst and guilt. The dual art styles employed by Deodato to portray both the past and present are also presented with real style.

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