Matthew Broderick's nanny row

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  • 20 June 2009
Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick's nanny row

Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly infuriated her husband Matthew Broderick by hiring a nanny to care for their unborn twins so she can return to work

Matthew Broderick is furious Sarah Jessica Parker plans to hire a nanny for their twins.

The couple, who are expecting the babies through a surrogate mother, reportedly had a heated argument because Sarah will begin working on the 'Sex and the City' movie sequel soon after the children are born.

A source told Britain's Look magazine: "They had a big row earlier this month when Sarah was trying to arrange nannies to help with the twins in the autumn when she starts filming.

"I think Matthew was anxious about the babies being looked after by someone else. She hates the idea too but - not surprisingly - it looks like there's just no way she can work 18-hour days on set and look after the children."

The couple - who have been married for 12 years and have a six-year-old son James - are also said to be worried they will struggle to cope with young children.

A source close to 44-year-old Sarah explained: "Sarah is panicking a bit, wondering whether her and Matthew both being in their 40s means they're too old to cope with the heavy workload newborns bring.

"She might be scared the night feeds, early mornings and lack of sleep could really divide a wedge between them."

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