Calvin Harris' drunken dive shame

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  • 20 June 2009
Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris' drunken dive shame

'I'm Not Alone' hitmaker Calvin Harris has been teetotal since he embarrassed himself several times while he was drunk

Calvin Harris gave up alcohol after he dived into a crowd at a music festival.

The 'I'm Not Alone' hitmaker - who has been teetotal for eight months - quit drinking following several embarrassing incidents which resulted in him throwing himself into a throng of fans.

He said: "It was a series of events where I realised it was getting embarrassing. When I saw myself on T4 On The Beach in 2007 it was extraordinary.

"Usually I can remember things if I've been drinking, but I couldn't remember being there. I was just watching and thinking, 'Who is this guy?' It sounded amazingly out of tune and I dived into the crowd. I get a lot more done now that I don't drink - I get up early and do stuff."

However, there is one alcohol-fuelled evening the 25-year-old star does not regret.

He explained: "I met my girlfriend at my second show and it was lovely. I was in a terrible state and I told her that I loved her within half an hour. Usually that would put someone off!"

Calvin Harris

The Dumfries producer and DJ has become of the biggest EDM artists in the world, behind huge hits and even bigger collaborations including 'I Need Your Love', 'Blame', 'Summer' and 'We Found Love' with Rihanna.

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