Oasis - Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, 17 Jun 2009 (4 stars)


Picture: Duncan Bryceland

Oasis are like branded baked beans, a rolled-up red-top tabloid sitting in the dashboard nook of a white transit van, or Manchester United FC (though they wouldn’t be happy to hear that). They represent all that many people find contemptuously familiar about British culture, and yet many more will love them ardently until the day they die. Their live drill is unchanging; four noisy, dapper musos and one sneering but magnetic show-off onstage, and a few thousand beery, badly-singing disciples roaring back at them. All on both sides of the monitors are meant to be dangerous boors, but how can anyone who sings or sings along with ‘Half the World Away’ not be a romantic at heart?

A review could be filled listing the familiar anthems they stuffed their set with, so let’s just mention the best bits; gruffly tender versions of ‘Slide Away’, ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Live Forever’, a customarily explosive ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’, the unearthing of long-forgotten Be Here Now curio ‘My Big Mouth’ and their definitive set-closer ‘I Am The Walrus’. And Noel introducing their ‘fifth and final’ drummer Chris Sharrock as ‘from Liverpool – we found him on the Discovery Channel’ also raised a laugh.


Britpop demi-gods Oasis hit the road one more time.

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