Beth Ditto hungry for Peaches

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  • 18 June 2009
Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto hungry for Peaches

Beth Ditto wants to date Peaches Geldof after the British star was seen getting close to a female friend last week

Beth Ditto wants to teach Peaches Geldof "the joy of women".

The Gossip singer was delighted by recent pictures of the British star kissing a female friend in a Los Angeles tattoo parlour and now hopes to date the 20-year-old blonde.

Beth said: "We love Peaches. She is so much fun. I'm pleased she's discovered the joy of women. I would get with her. There's so much I can teach her."

Since her smooch last week, Peaches has been seen holding hands with pal Olivia Singer at London's Bungalow 8 nightclub, before returning to Olivia's hotel suite.

However, friends insist Peaches - the daughter of charity campaigner Bob Geldof - is claiming to be bisexual to be fashionable.

A source said: "She's just having fun. It's obviously cool to be bisexual. And Peaches is clearly the epitome of cool."

Peaches - who is divorced from Chester French rocker Max Drummey - has previously been romantically linked to Beth's Gossip bandmate Brace Paine.

Max recently claimed the pair tied the knot to boost their fame.

He said: "It was totally a publicity stunt - 100 per cent. I'm glad we got married. I've garnered so much amazing publicity from awesome people.

"I have her on retainer. Not as my PR, as my friend. She's on my personal payroll. She's my friend for money. She also orchestrates publicity stunts for me."

Peaches and Max wed at Las Vegas' Little White Chapel last August, but their marriage lasted just six months.

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