Exposure - Little Eskimos

Exposure - Little Eskimos

Borne of imagination found in some amateur CD-Rs made for the fun of it, Little Eskimos have crawled out their igloos to timidly take steps in the burgeoning world of the Scottish rock scene. Playing on the T Break stage at T in the Park this year, these five lads from central Scotland have already carved their own fishing hole into the ice that stands between ignored creativity and Jo Whiley-approved success. And it's all done with with music that mixes traditional acoustic charm, blasting indie and the blips and blobs of 21st century electronica. The List braved frostbite and the Arctic tundra to speak with the guys.

What's the story behind how Little Eskimos got together?
Well...Our singer, Kevin (Harper) recorded an album lo-fi in his flat, and apart from giving out CD-Rs to some select friends, didn't really do anything with it. Barry (Mop), whose band had just split up, had heard the album and approached Kevin with the intention of getting a band together to play it live. He brought with him Mr Liam Chapman to play drums. Shortly afterwards, a mysterious package appeared at our doorstep from which Alby (Dickson) and Will (Shearer) emerged to play some bass and keyboards.

The name's a bit of an odd one. Any particular reason for it?
It's actually a reference to the film 'Heathers', and we did notice The Veronicas beat us to it.

There's more depth to your music than the average indie sorts. How would you describe what you do?
Thanks so much. We've never set out to be anything in particular, apart from honest. We just like to make sounds that excite us.

And why do you do it?
Why does anyone do something as insane as committing to a band? We all have love for making music. It's what we want to do with our lives.

What's the most interesting record that's influenced Little Eskimos?
An album called Moonbeams by Seattle band Throw Me The Statue. We randomly ended up playing a show in Glasgow with those guys and it was nice to meet another band who had the same attitude to making music as we do - to make some weird-pop music.

You're from Alloa and Stirling. How does that central Scotland music scene compare with Edinburgh and Glasgow?
To be honest Glasgow is our music scene. It has some of the most open minded bands and audiences we've ever seen. What's great about where we're from is that we're always surrounded by countryside, which can be pretty inspiring.

You're playing T in the Park on the T Break stage next month – how are you looking forward to that?
A mixture of fear and excitement. Kind of like everything.

What are the plans for the rest of 2009?
To be as busy as we can with all things Eskimos, experiment with new sounds and play at some unusual venues. We aim to release our first album 'Are You Still With Us?' somehow before the year is out. We love the whole process of being in a band - from the artwork to making our own music videos.

What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about Little Eskimos?
We've had some really kind, humbling comments through MySpace and email. As far as the nicest goes, we've had some comments saying our music is different, which we feel, as music fans, is pretty rare these days.

In five words, why should people listen to Little Eskimos?
We Would Really Appreciate It


Little Eskimos play V Club in Glasgow on 21 Jun and the T Break Stage at T in the Park on 10-12 Jul.

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