Mika's sexual confusion

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  • 15 June 2009

Mika's sexual confusion

'Grace Kelly' star Mika says he "made a lot of mistakes" with relationships when he was younger and has only ever dated one person

Mika has a "secret life" as a teenager with inappropriate "make-believe" relationships.

The 'Grace Kelly' singer - who refuses to comment on speculation he is gay and says he has only ever been in one relationship -admits he was sexually confused as a teenager and "made a lot of mistakes".

He said magazine: "With my teenage years there was a lot of 'Anything is possible. I can try anything.' I was quite shy but there was a bit of a secret life going on. I made a lot of mistakes.

"There was a lot of very harsh rejection as well in relationships. Or make-believe relationships that had developed in my head. I wasn't a crazy promiscuous f**k-up, but I was doing things I shouldn't have been doing, just like any teenager."

"I was thinking, 'Who am I? And what sort of grown-up do I want to be, what kind of person do my parents expect me to be? Who should I sleep with and why should I sleep with those people?' "

The 'Lollipop' star - who was born in Lebanon but raised in London from the age of nine - also admitted he has a "fear" of money because of hardship suffered by his family.

He added to The Observer Music Monthly magazine: "Because of the moving around, because of the having a lot and then having nothing and then having a little bit and then having nothing, I developed this real fear of money.

"I have a fear of decadence when it comes to creative things, because I think that things that are really good should never cost a lot of money.

"I really didn't want the office life of my father. I didn't want to be rich."

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