Hugh Grant kicks photographer

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  • 11 June 2009
Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant kicks photographer

Hugh Grant was videoed kicking a photographer who tried to take his picture after leaving New York's Waverly Inn restaurant

Hugh Grant attacked a photographer trying to take his picture.

The 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' actor lashed out after leaving New York's Waverly Inn restaurant with a friend, kicking the unnamed paparazzo in the groin as he offered the star directions to find a cab.

At first, Hugh seemed to share jokes with the waiting photographers, asking: "Have you ever had sex? Or are you just w***ing on the internet?"

One snapper then said: "Where are the ladies tonight?"

To which Hugh replied: "Not even a man, not even a man."

After being advised to head in a different direction to locate a taxi, Hugh passed closely by the waiting photographers and launched his swift attack.

The injured photographer said: "That wasn't cool. What's your problem? What the hell is your problem?"

Another urged his colleague to sue, shouting: "That's great, now you've got a lawsuit on you. We've got it all on camera."

This is not the first time the 49-year-old British star has been involved in an altercation with photographers.

In 2007, he hurled a tub of baked beans at waiting paparazzi who were trying to take pictures of his former girlfriend Liz Hurley.

However, he was not charged over the incident.

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