Paris Hilton dumps Doug

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  • 11 June 2009
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton dumps Doug

Paris Hilton has ended her relationship with 'The Hills' star Doug Reinhardt after the pair rowed on Monday night (08.06.09)

Paris Hilton has split from Doug Reinhardt.

The hotel heiress, who began dating 'The Hills' star in February, decided to end the relationship after the pair argued on Monday night (08.06.09).

Paris' representative said: "In response to inquiries on whether Paris Hilton has split with Doug Reinhardt, we can confirm this is true. They are no longer together.

"They remain friends and we ask that you please respect their privacy. Paris will not discuss the relationship further."

After the blonde socialite dumped "devastated" Doug, he turned up at her Los Angeles house but Paris refused to see him.

A source told gossip blogger Perez Hilton: "Paris lives in a gated community and the guards were told not to let him in. Doug refused to leave, though. The authorities had to be called!"

Paris' friends and family reportedly didn't approve of the romance, as they believed Doug was using the 28-year-old star to boost his celebrity status.

A source said: "Doug is a douche just like everyone tried to tell her and that he was only dating her for publicity."

Paris recently claimed the 24 year old was her perfect man and she had already planned her future with him.

She said: "He'll do anything for me, he's really hot. That's my future husband. I love Doug so much. He knows I love him. I hate not being with him. He makes my skin go tingly."

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