Labels of Love - Crystal Wish

Labels of Love - Crystal Wish

Based in Edinburgh

Roster 7VWWVW, Kyon & Dyems, Albaross, Spells Tower, The Kittens

Bosses Crystal Wish is an artist-run group, not ‘a typical company as such’; 7VWWVW’s (pronounced ‘Mammal’) Nick Munro is just one of the group involved in setting it up.

Sounds like ‘There’s no charter to what we do and no limitations on what people on the label play. At the moment what we have is electronic music, electronica music with rapping and folky acoustic songwriting.’

How was the label formed? ‘It was about a year ago. The 7VWWVW album had been put out on CD by (Edinburgh independent) KFM the year before, but everyone in the band wanted to have something a little more solid for posterity. Personally, we listen to music on vinyl and always have, so we decided to put it out that way ourselves. Then we thought if we were doing that we might as well start a label up, and from there we realised we were surrounded by all these talented folk.’

Broadly, how did you all meet? ‘Completely randomly. I used to work in a skateboard shop in Edinburgh; I met a few of the others that way. And Rory MacLeod (Spells Tower) used to live upstairs from one of the boys in my band; he came round for a jam one night and turned out to be this incredible, enigmatic talent, although he was just Rory From Upstairs at that point.’

What’s the plan for the future? ‘To create quality vinyl album releases, and to make them available by free download too. No-one cares about CDs, but I like to picture myself sitting down in 40 years time and still enjoying a vinyl record from beginning to end.’

7VWWVW, Kyon, Albaross and Spells Tower play Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Fri 12 Jun.

This is Music vs Crystal Wish Records

Indie club night meets live gig with sets from 7VWWVW, Albaross, Kyon and Spells Tower, before the DJs take over from 11pm.

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