Simple Minds - Graffiti Soul (3 stars)

Simple Minds - Graffiti Soul

A worthy attempt to reinstate the band as stadium-filling rock contenders (while also marking their glittering 30-year anniversary), studio set number 15 ticks most boxes for fifty-somethings, Simple Minds.

Four years on from the fart that was 505050, Kerr, Burchill and co, shake off the shackles of that set to claw back some credibility.

OK, it is commercial (and it’s intended to be), but tracks such as opener ‘Moscow Underground’ and flagship downloader ‘Rockets’, remind us of just how potent the band can be. Stalwart fans should be mildly ecstatic with at least two other songs, ‘Kiss & Fly’ and ‘Light Travels’, while the deluxe edition features an additional disc of various odds’n’sods covers from the likes of contemporaries Siouxsie, Magazine and The Stranglers.


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