Thomas Houseago, Dieter Roth & André Thomkins (3 stars)

Thomas Houseago, Dieter Roth & André Thomkins

The Modern Institute, Glasgow, until Sat 11 Jul


Sculptures and drawings by Leeds-born, LA-based Thomas Houseago are exhibited alongside those of the late Swiss friends and collaborators Dieter Roth and André Thomkins. Nearly two generations apart, the artists enter into anachronistic camaraderie.

Thomkins developed his signature ‘Lackskin’ technique by drawing with enamel paint on the surface of water and transferring the image onto paper. Examples are exhibited alongside a 1966 TV documentary which explains the technique and shows the artist at work. The documentary proves crucial to the appreciation of the drawings.

Adding to the chimerical tone, self portraits by Roth recall Rorschach tests. According to curator Toby Webster, Houseago’s drawings quest after the possibility of also being sculptures, their monumental presence alluding to the predominant medium of the artist’s practice. The works demonstrate how the artists deal with the transition between the language of drawing and sculpture. Both the objects and their placement in the show are well executed. Gratification comes in observing forms and subtle faces morphing in and out of shape.

Thomas Houseago, Dieter Roth & André Thomkins

  • 3 stars

Well executed group show featuring English-born artist Houseago, accompanied by work by Roth and Thomkins.


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