Lorna Macintyre: Sentences not only words (3 stars)

Lorna Macintyre: Sentences not only words

Mary Mary, Glasgow, until Sat 11 Jul


Glasgow artist Lorna Macintyre exhibits silver gelatin prints, copper and wood sculptures, and a short looped video piece. ‘Naïve composition’ is a small black and white photograph which acts as a coda to an installation of four wood and copper sculptures. These elemental parts form a larger whole, and the viewer is invited to play with perspective. Something electrifying unfolds when your position is slightly altered to a different vantage point.

Another strong piece is ‘Winter Sculpture’, a gold leafed branch suggesting the shape of an eloping antelope. The motif of shape shifting continues in ‘Agatha’, a small work which displays page 241 of Agatha Christie’s detective novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. With an iris petal pressed into the page, the heading reveals ‘The Whole Truth’.

A dichotomy is evident between the artist’s assertive 3D thinking and her 2D reliance on embellishment, but this dynamic allows for engaging viewing. Weaving together images and objects in an exhibition bigger than its parts, sentences become paragraphs.

Lorna Macintyre: Sentences not only words

  • 3 stars

Macintyre's strong photography and scupltures draw on the language of 19th century symbolism to create analogies between man and nature.

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