5 Reasons To Go See - Emiliana Torrini

5 Reasons To Go See - Emiliana Torrini

1 She’s hot and cold Thirty-two-year-old chanteuse Emiliana Torrini is half-Italian, half-Icelandic (her full name is Emiliana Torrini Davidsdottir), so you get the fiery passion of the Mediterranean and the icy cool of the Arctic rolled into one.

2 She’s eclectic Torrini’s recent third album Me & Armini (actually her sixth, but the first three were only released in Iceland) was as diverse as they come, from heartbreaking folk to sweet reggae, electronica to blues to rockabilly and beyond.

3 She’s a pop princess Torrini is a keen collaborator and songwriter for other artists, most notably penning three songs for Kylie’s Body Language album, including the throbbing hit single ‘Slow’. Torrini also co-produced the track, receiving a Grammy nomination for her knob-twiddling.

4 She’s a real-life pixie, or elf or something Not really, but she does pop up at the end of the second Lord of the Rings film singing ‘Gollum’s Song’. That other Icelandic pixie Björk was supposed to do it but pulled out last minute.

5 She’s a born singer Torrini joined a choir aged seven, attended opera school at 15 and won a nationwide Icelandic competition at seventeen singing ‘I Will Survive’. She hasn’t done too badly since then, either.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wed 24 Jun.

Emiliana Torrini

The singer/songwriter who penned Kylie's hit 'Slow', performs music combining sultry Mediterranean passion with an icy weirdness in the Oran Mor auditorium. 'Part of the West End Festival'.

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