Maeve O’Boyle and Mick Hargan and The Propositions (4 stars)

Maeve O’Boyle and Mick Hargan and The Propositions

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Thu 4 Jun


Being the venue she was signed at, Oran Mor was always going to be a special one for local singer-songwriter Maeve O’Boyle’s return gig. Opening the show full of energy and charisma, the 21-year-old has the audience’s interest immediately. Songs from her debut album For All My Sins – a mixture of soft rock and folksy ballads – are enthusiastically received, in particular the upbeat ‘Romeo’ which prompts one fan to throw flowers and shout, ‘I’ll be your Romeo!’

The closing act of the night Mick Hargan and The Propositions have a strong American influence, sounding similar to Pearl Jam and Counting Crows, but still showing their Glaswegian roots. Blasting out the infectiously happy ‘Pina Colada, Vanilla Ice Cream and Me’, might sound cringeworthy, but it has everyone smiling and singing along by the second verse.

This kind of thing has been done to death, but Mick and his Propositions offer a fine feelgood vibe that is worthy of at least a little of your love. By far, the most memorable act of the night though is O’Boyle whose future is bright.

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