The Joy Formidable, Chew Lips and Lemonade (4 stars)

The Joy Formidable, Chew Lips and Lemonade

Stag & Dagger at the Art School, Glasgow, Sat 23 May


On the tiny stage in the Art School’s Vic Bar, the roaming audience at this inaugural Glasgow leg of the multi-venue Stag and Dagger festival were treated to a line-up which was young and diverse enough to be mistaken for a possible future NME tour.

American trio Lemonade might be set for the most niche-market career, with an angular dancefloor indie sound, which perhaps appealed most to the art students in the crowd. Chew Lips, on the other hand, have a pretty good shot at being the new La Roux within the next few months. While both boys in the band play tug-of-war with a bank of machines and some turned-up guitars in the background, singer Tigs gives them star quality, even if all that need amount to is a stroppy stare and a Debbie Harry pout over some effortless electro-pop bangers. Wales/London trio The Joy Formidable also make a feature of lead singer and obvious star Ritzy Bryan, although their sound is richer for the swathes of epic guitar. Imagine Sleeper covering MBV; The Joy Formidable are much better than that.

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