Profile - Glasgow Mod Weekender 2009

Profile - Glasgow Mod Weekender 2009

Occupation Although many clubs around the city specialise in the same retro sounds, the Glasgow Mod Weekender is a definitive four-day event that offers a comprehensive celebration of Mod music and styles. This will be its seventh year.

For younger readers: what is a mod? And why does it need a weekender? The word mod is a shortened form of ‘modernist’, the latter a term used to describe über-stylish London youths of the 1950s who railed against stale, postwar British culture and revelled in Italian style, French cinema and modern jazz music. As the trend spread through Britain’s youth through the 60s and was then revived in the 70s (blame Quadrophenia), certain accessories became attached to it. Scooters, parkas (but only when riding the scooter), rock’n’roll – and ‘weekenders’ spent battling rockers on England’s resort beaches.

So what’s happening over the weekend? On Thursday, the residents of mod club Friday Street and live band The Laynes play at McChuills. Back at the same venue on Saturday afternoon, Berry Tweed and the Chasers play live, while the Winchester Club hosts DJs from Glasgow’s Friday Street, Divine and Eyes Wide Open nights, Sheffield’s Pow Wow and special guests Michael Wink (Blowup, Berlin) and Lenny Harkins (ex of Caley Soul, Glasgow). Then the Weekender DJs play Basura Blanca at the Brunswick Hotel on Sunday.

Anything else? Yep. Saturday and Sunday afternoons at McChuills will feature DJs playing mod sounds which include black styles such as soul and ska as well as white-boy rock’n’roll. There’s also record and vintage clothing stalls and a large-scale scooter ride-out on the closing day.

Various venues, Glasgow, Thu 25–Sun 28 Jun.

Glasgow Mod Weekender

Glasgow's annual Mod extravaganza returns.

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