Cooly G

Cooly G

Ballers Social at Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 12 Jun


Cooly G is hard to pin down. Coming from Brixton, she’s often placed within the growing UK funky movement, and her tracks almost always include a dancefloor-ready bassline. Yet she wouldn’t describe herself as part of the scene, even though she used to rap for funky producer Fingaprint. ‘I’m more minimal tech, bit of dubstep, bit of this and that,’ she says. ‘Funky to me sounds fruity; it’s quick little beats and a little bit of vocal. I go deeper, I spend a lot of time on the production’.

In fact, Merrisa Campbell (‘Cooly’s my business name’) has more in line musically with her Hyperdub label boss Kode 9 and its most famous labelmate Burial. Her sound is minimal but atmospheric, the futurist dubstep production offset by bits of sexy, breathy vocal. She knows all about producing tracks. Her dad had his own studio which she used to play about with, so she’d learned to DJ at the age of seven and was teaching music technology to men three times her age two months after she left school.

While her productions (see the debut 12in ‘Narst’/’Love Dub’ on Not On) rightly marked her out as one of Britain’s hottest young producers, she hasn’t yet managed to transfer her recorded sound to the live stage. But what she does do is DJ. ‘When I do,’ she says, ‘people love it. They say, “Is this really a girl? Going on hard like that?” I give them attitude, I entertain them, I blow kisses. It’s all natural to me, an’ it’s all fun’.

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Jamie Vex'd, Rustie and Darkstar join the LuckyMe DJs, who play a mix of hip hop, dubstep, techno and more.

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