GSA Degree Show Street Party 2009

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  • 11 June 2009
GSA Degree Show Street Party 2009

Dancing in the street

Over the years, the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show afterparty, where alterna-haired art hipsters take over Renfrew Street for a night-long outdoor bunfest (rather like The Kids From Fame but with skinnier jeans), has become almost as important an event in the city’s visual art calendar as the degree show itself. Look out for the sharpest DJs the city can muster, alongside live music, stalls, and GSA students and graduates specialising in innovative and occasionally invasive performance. Just about as Glasgow-y a night out as you can get. See for tickets.

GSA Degree Show Street Party 2009, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, Fri 12 Jun.

The Glasgow School Of Art Degree Show

The annual degree shows for all graduating students from the departments of fine art, design, architecture and design, and a chance to spot the Turner prize winners of tomorrow, if past records are anything to go by.

Degree Show

The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show is the annual exhibition of final year work from Fine Art, Architecture, and Design students.

GSA Degree Show Street Party 2009?

In excess of 3000 people attend the annual street party celebration, which takes place on Renfrew Street outside the main Art School and Glasgow's landmark Mackintosh building. For the day the area is closed to traffic, and outdoor bars and entertainment stages are erected which will host the cream of Glasgow's DJing…

The GSA Degree Show Afterparty

The annual Glasgow School of Art degree show party is a celebration of local legends and GSA alumni. Live performances from Konx-Om-Pax, Vars Of Litchi, Tut Vu Vu, Grozny with Ultimate Thrush and Holy Mountain, minimal techno from Sideshow and more.

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