'Schizophrenic' Billie Joe Armstrong

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  • 6 June 2009
Billie Joe Armstrong

'Schizophrenic' Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed his new album '21st Century Breakdown' made him question his mental state

Billie Joe Armstrong feels "schizophrenic".

The Green Day singer revealed the characters - a couple called Gloria and Christian - on new album '21st Century Breakdown' are both versions of himself, leading him to worry about his mental state.

He said: "There's one man and one woman on the record, what does that say? I think the people on the album are 100 per cent me. It's just different names - those songs could be called 'Bille's Inferno' or 'Viva La Billie Joe'. The character thing came almost by accident during recording. There's a yin/yang element to them - it's a little bit schizophrenic in a lot of ways."

The 37-year-old singer says playing live is the thing he loves doing most in the world, adding he enjoys it so much he feels performing is "in his DNA".

He explained: "I really think I was born to do this. I love feeding off the crowd and making them as much a part of the show as the band is. Every night I play as though my live depended on it."

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