Eddie Murphy pulls rank

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  • 3 June 2009
Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy pulls rank

Eddie Murphy has joked he had to tell his seven-year-old co-star who was boss on the set of their movie 'Imagine That'

Eddie Murphy made his seven-year-old co-star cry.

The 'Beverly Hills Cop' funnyman joked he had to let Yara Shahidi know who was in charge when they filmed 'Imagine That'.

He quipped: "I grabbed her and I said, 'Look don't you think just because you're so cute that you're going to be running things.'

"Then she started crying and I knew I had the set in control."

Despite worrying about be outshone by Yara, Eddie was impressed by the talented youngster.

He said: "You get 3,000 adorable seven-year-olds it's just impossible to pick somebody. They went through all the process until they got to the best little actors. She was the all around solid, natural actress that had all the stuff that you can't teach a person."

The father-of-eight also revealed he has a crush on American First Lady Michelle Obama.

He said: "I've been married, and for me to get married again, someone is going to have to be really exceptional. An extremely exceptional lady is going to have to come around... a Michelle Obama-type. She's taken, but Barack, you better act right!"

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