Exposure: Hidden Masters

Exposure: Hidden Masters

Hidden Masters - Perfume

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Glasgow's Hidden Masters cite influences from Buddy Holly to Black Sabbath, but what we actually hear is glorious late sixties-esque garage, psych rock/pop done in a way that easily appeals to good music lovers of today. They'll share a bill, suitably so, with The Aliens this Sunday. The List spoke to Alpha Mitchell to learn a little more about their groove.

So what's your story?
We have been invoking ancient powers from within darkened dwellings for the past two years. Once we were five, now we are three: Dave Dixon on lead guitar and vocals, Johnny Wolfe on drums and vocals and myself, Alpha Mitchell, on bass guitar and vocals.

Where are you based?
Originally hailing from Sirius, we are currently operating out of a village named Glasgow, located on a small island on the Prime Meridian.

Tell us about your sound.
We all write, so have a very broad pallette to draw from, with each of us liking a variety of sounds. The predominant things which come through tend to be early rock'n'roll, harmony pop, psychedelia and freakbeat with a dash of the progressive.

Your music is nicely nostalgic, but what relatively recent artists get you excited?
I'm partial to some Dungen and Witchcraft, John enjoys Field Music and Dave has the hots for Dan Sartain and Clinic.

What kind of projects if any do you have on at the moment?
We have self-recorded an LP's worth of tunes which we're hoping will see a release this year. We've been quite shy in the past with our public appearances but we've now narrowed the personnel down to a hardcore trio of showbiz troupers, so we're all set to tread the boards across the land and beyond.

You must be fans of The Aliens. How do you feel about being on the same bill on Sunday.
I haven't personally heard their music yet, but John's rather an admirer and they sound like like-minded fellows, so we're really looking forward to playing with them.

What can we expect from The Hidden Masters this weekend?
A hirsute three-headed all-singing Hydra with stinging guitar and big-bottom bass set to a kinetic rhythm & blues backbeat liable to go walkies at any moment.


Hidden Masters play with The Aliens at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh on May 31; Halt Bar, Glasgow Mon 14 Jun.

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