Tori Spelling's silence 'killed' father

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  • 29 May 2009
Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling's silence 'killed' father

Candy Spelling has lashed out at her daughter Tori, accusing the actress of killing her father Aaron by refusing to speak to the rest of the family

Tori Spelling has been accused of "killing" her dad - by her mom.

Candy Spelling, who is estranged from the actress - claims her actress daughter's refusal to speak to the rest of the family resulted in her husband Aaron having the stroke which killed him in June 2006.

She fumed to Massachusetts' 94.7 WMAS-FM's Kellogg Krew: "My daughter one day decided that she wasn't speaking to my husband, myself and my son and that's how it's continued for the last, oh gosh, four or five years.

"And it was sad, that's what killed my husband actually. He just didn't want to live after that. He has just done everything he could possibly do for his daughter and she wanted no part of him once he couldn't do anything for her."

Candy - who is promoting her book 'Stories From Candyland' - later insisted she was not trying to generate publicity with her remarks, insisting she is telling the truth.

She said: "I didn't intend to create headlines. I was asked a question about my daughter not speaking with my family, and I answered truthfully. My husband was very ill, and he had stopped eating and taking liquids. He called Tori on a daily basis, and never stopped asking if Tori had returned his call. We had to say no every day."

Despite her accusations, Candy claimed she is desperate to repair her feud with Tori - who has two children, Liam, two, and Stella, 11 months, with husband Dean McDermott - and says she doesn't know why they aren't speaking.

She added: "I've always been trying to work on the relationship. I don't know what the anger is."

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