Pamplona Bull Run

  • The Midgie
  • 1 June 2009
Pamplona Bull Run

Running Scared

The Pamplona Bull Run takes place at 8am every morning over the course of a week. It may be early, but if anything’s going to get you moving in the morning it’s some big burly bulls running towards you. Runners, dressed in the traditional white and red, will run in front of the bulls and lead them towards the ring. This procession is a tradition from times gone by, when bulls would be walked from their off-site holding pens to the fight in the bullring. The run is 840 metres in length, which will - in real terms - equate to about three of the most pant-wettingly scary minutes of your life. And watch out for the final stretch, where the course enters a dead end street. They’re behind you!

7–14 Jul, Pamplona, Spain.

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