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  • 1 June 2009

Surf's Up

There are several surf schools situated along Scotland’s coastline. Here’s our guide for taking to the waves.

We realise it’s Scotland and not the Bahamas, but that’s nothing a wet-suit and boots can’t fix - with most surf companies including all the necessary gear in their lesson fees. In fact, all you really need is a sense of adventure, your swimming cozzie and a fluffy towel.

For beginners we recommend lessons with St Vedas Surf School in Coldingham, Berwickshire (try Perryman buses for direct routes, For the bargain price of £35 you’ll receive a two hour lesson and all of your equipment. Lessons include approximately 15 minutes safety advice on the beach and then one hour and 45 minutes splashing around in the water.

And for the more experienced we recommend Coast to Coast Surf School who are based at Belhaven beach, in the coastal town of Dunbar. They offer a wide range of surf trips with destinations decided on wave potential and the experience of the group. All tours include equipment and for the more advanced surfers they also provide video analysis and filming. With their two-day adventures you can surf late into the night, camp on golden beaches and share the waves with the local dolphins.

For information on all types of adventure sports and a comprehensive surf company listing visit When choosing a company, always make sure instructors are BSA qualified and have Surf Life Saving Association credentials.

St Vedas Surf School
Coldingham bay, Berwickshire, 01890 771 679,

Coast to Coast
Belhaven beach, Dunbar, 07971 990 361,

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