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Ice Cream

Luca's of Musselburgh

Ice-cream queen Joanne Eadie tells us about her love affair with Luca’s of Musselburgh and decides to go for a wee tasting session. Any excuse, really.

I am the ice-cream Queen. I could talk about Luca’s all day long. In 1908 Mr Luca and his wife pooled their savings and opened an ice-cream shop in Musselburgh, using dry ice to keep the creamy stuff cold in the days before freezers. And ‘voila’, this dreamy place was born.

Being born and bred in the Musselburgh, I used to go to Luca’s all the time when I was a little kid. It still holds my dearest memories of me and my dad spending time together. It’s lovely how a simple little ice-cream shop can be the sculptor for such wonderful and vivid memories. I clearly remember how we used to ride our bikes there on a Sunday afternoon to get an ice-cream, while my mum stayed at home to cook the Sunday roast. 

I always had strawberry with a chocolate flake and butterscotch sauce. Then we’d cycle to the park and I’d play on the swings and chute until I nearly puked. By the time we got home we wouldn’t be in the mood for our tea and my mum always went a bit mental at us. But we loved it - it was our Sunday ritual.

And I also remember when I was at High School loads of my friends got part-time jobs at Luca’s. I used to be so jealous - back then it seemed so cool to be an ice-cream waitress. In those days they specialised in only strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream. But over the past few years they’ve also started selling more exciting flavours, like cookies and cream, ‘fudgy wudgy’ and a whole range of sorbets. 

I still go there at least once a week and I often get silly cravings in the evenings after work. It’s open until ten in the evening, which is really rather dangerous. If I ever leave town, it’s seriously the place I’ll miss most.

Luca’s of Musselburgh can be found on 32-38 High Street, Musselburgh, 0131 665 2237. Lothian bus numbers 26, 30 and 44 make regular stops in Musselburgh city centre.

There is also a second Luca’s outlet on 16 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, 0131 446 0233. For more information visit:

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