Festival Survival Special

  • The Midgie
  • 1 June 2009
Festival survival kit

If you want to survive the festival gauntlet, then make a little room in your backpack for this lot.

Travel John

Stumbling to the toilet at four in the morning only to be met by a huge queue is not a festival highlight for most people. But the Travel John portable toilet allows you to pee in the comfort of your own tent.  These nifty extendable hygiene bags hold 800 millilitres of ‘liquid’ (that’s about four widdles worth to you and me) and are non-toxic, odourless and leak-proof. We suggest bulk buying.
Travel John, £5.95, www.funkyleisure.co.uk

Tent Homing Tag

Even in a moment of the deepest sobriety (yeah, right), locating your tent amongst a sea of thousands is an almighty task. So, it’s far safer to go for the smarty-pants option and hook up your tent to this mini homing device. It also comes with a spare tag that you can attach to any other precious item you are worried of losing; like your best friend or - more likely - your six-pack of beer.
Tent homing tag, £44.99, www.loc8tor.co.uk

Dr Cool and Dr Hot Bags

Over the course of your festival experience, it’s likely that you may have moments of feeling rather tired and emotional. The Dr Cool and Dr Hot bags are like a little piece of portable tender loving care, for when your mummy’s not there to hold your hand. They also claim to be good for when you are ‘overly excited’ - some of you probably shouldn’t be allowed to leave home without one.
Dr Cool and Dr Hot bags, £8.95 each, www.gadgets.co.uk

Solar Shower

Admit it - you thought festivals were a free excuse to live a grubby existence for a few days, didn’t you? Well, The Midgie is on a crusade of cleanliness. This portable showering device is powered by daylight and can give you up to eight minutes of warm water showering time. That should hopefully be long enough to shift the mud from those hard to reach places. Don’t forget to wash behind your ears.
Solar shower, £4.95, www.firebox.com

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