Exposure: My Cousin I Bid You Farewell

Exposure: My Cousin I Bid You Farewell

My Cousin I Bid You Farewell - Neverland

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Having played their first show as recently as November 2008, My Cousin I Bid You Farewell are still somewhat in the process of finding their feet. Having said that, sincethen the band have been fairly active on the local gig circuit and have already started to make what looks likely to be a lasting impression on other bands, fans and critics alike. Mixing almost crooning heartfelt vocals with dense and often rousing instrumentation, the band have already picked up obvious comparisons to the likes of Arcade Fire. However, upon further investigation it becomes startlingly clear that the band have a unique and fascinating identity all of their own. To prepare you for this exploration into the band's endeavours here's vocalist, guitarist and heart of MCIBYF Jonathan Seller with a few words.

How did the band first get started?
The current members were recruited one by one but I have known them all for different lengths of time. Some of them for many years. We are all friends.

Is there any significant reason behind the name?
A Google search will usually dig up the truth but for me it was simply the poetry, the sound of the words, the way they slide off the tongue. I was also in the process of losing something dear to me at the time. Perhaps subliminally I wanted to publicly say goodbye.

Do you all have similar tastes? What would you consider to be your biggest musical influences and inspirations?
I would say that we share common ground as far as musical taste is concerned but we do not share exactly the same influences. Each of us is now bringing something very different to the table but somehow it is really working. I think we all agree that Fleetwood Mac were a good band and perhaps we should aim to be more like them.

What would you say has been your favourite and worst gig so far?
My favourite gig so far was our last one. It was at The Captain's Rest and it really felt great. My worst gig so far would have to be an acoustic show I did over a year ago in a Bar Bia. It was miserable.

If you could, how would you describe your music?
We are a pop rock band at heart. We are five guys who grew up In the nineties listening to the likes of Queen and David Bowie just as much as we did to Radiohead and Placebo. The songs that I write are simply pop songs but the band at the moment is transforming them into something quite special. Our new material is really getting us all excited.

Do you have plans for any releases in the pipeline?
We would like to get something on iTunes as soon as possible but we are also conscious that our sound is still settling and the songs I am writing keep getting better. Our last few rehearsals have been very liberating and as I've mentioned, our new stuff is getting us all a bit animated - It is raising the bar and we are all pretty pumped about what will happen from here on in.

Is there anyone in particular you'd love to share a stage with?
Prince or David Bowie. I might change my mind tomorrow though.

What do you feel about the current state of music in Glasgow?
There are some good bands, but also a whole load of shit bands, so nothing much has changed. I wish aspiration was less of a stranger in Glasgow and in Scotland in general. Everyone is far too quick to settle for the easy route or the quick buck. For me it is and has always been about the fight and the struggle.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
We intend to do a lot of writing and recording this summer in the hope of having an album worth of material finished before the end of the year. We also intend to play as many shows as possible.

The Captains Rest, Glasgow, 17 Jun; The V Club with French Wives, Glasgow, 25 Sep


Ross Clark, French Wives and My Cousin I Bid You Farewell

Quirky acoustica and the Springsteen/Arcade Fire-loving MCIBYF at this Aerials night.

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