Exposure: We Hung Your Leader

Exposure: We Hung Your Leader

We Hung Your Leader - Swizzlestick

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We Hung Your Leader are a Glasgow-based three piece that excel in poppy yet passionate songs that are quick to sink in and harder to get out of your head. Dropping bass for intertwining guitars, the band have recently released a 4-track EP and now, post-uni, are hoping to get stuck into some solid touring over the coming months - so expect to hear a lot more. For the time-being though, here's the band's drummer, David Cowan with a bit of a crash course in We Hung Your Leader.

So, how did you meet and form the band?
Mark and Martin have been writing music together since they were at school, and as Mark and I are brothers, we all started playing together and haven't looked back since!

What or who would consider to be your biggest musical influences and inspirations?
I think our biggest influences come from whatever bands we are listening to while we are writing, which right now would be bands such as Death Cab For Cutie, Mogwai, and Four Year Strong.

What would you say has been your favourite/worst gig so far?
Our worst gig definitely has to be one we played a couple of years ago with Frightened Rabbit up in Dundee. We got up to Dundee at about 1pm and drank solidly until show-time, and we were all in so much of a mess we couldn't even finish our set! Since then we know not to drink extensively before gigs, as we obviously aren't as talented as Mötley Crüe.

Where's your favourite place to play?
Our favourite place to play has to be at an event called T in the Flat, which is run by the Pelmet Nite promoters up in Dundee. It's in its 3rd year and is basically a huge house party with extremely loud bands and copious amounts of Tennents.

If you could, how would you describe your music?
We try and mix intricate guitar and drum parts with really harmonic vocals, changing between soft and heavy noises continuously throughout our songs. We don't use a bass guitar, so we try to make the guitars, drums and vocals as exciting as possible.

How do you feel about the current state of music in Glasgow?
The amount of quality bands coming out of Glasgow at the moment is fantastic. The high-quality music being played by such a vast amount of Glaswegian bands is really healthy, as I think it makes each band strive to be even better to try and really stick out from the rest.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Now that we've all finished university, our plan is to really push things forward with the band - all guns blazing. We'll be working on new material and trying to gig as much as possible around Scotland and the UK, hopefully making some great friends and memories along the way!


Socks Off @ Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow with City of Statues, Belgrade & Aloha Tv, Thu 28 May; Manky Bastard @ Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 13 Jun; Jocasta Sleeps single launch, Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow, Sun 28 Jun; Electric Bay Festival, Lunan Bay, Scotland, Fri 3 Jul; Electric Bay Festival Lunan Bay, Scotland, Sat 4 Jul; Dexters, Dundee, Sun 5 Jul.

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