Auntie Midgie

  • The Midgie
  • 1 June 2009

She’s here to answer all your niggling travelling queries and questions. But she’d rather not know about your love life problems … 

Q:My delicate stomach is having trouble with the rich Scottish food. Any helpful tips?

A: I would suggest that you are frequenting the wrong types of eateries, my dear. Establishments with pickled eggs on the counter and chips in the deep fat fryer do not offer the best of Scottish haute cuisine (and may leave you feeling a bit green around the gills). Instead, try visiting one of Scotland’s many farmer’s markets or local delicatessens for a taste of some fresh - and easier on the stomach - Scottish produce. Although having said that, your wise old Auntie Midgie is partial to the odd battered sausage every now and again.

Q:Scottish bank notes, English bank notes, Euros... I’m confused. Help?

A: The official tender in Scotland is Scots Pound, however you will also see Bank of England notes in wide use and some shops will display prices in Euros (even though you cannot pay in Euros). Oh sorry, I was meant to be making this less confusing for you - my poor dears. Basically, all UK currency (Scottish and English bank notes) should be accepted in Scotland and most shops should have a clear pricing system. If you get confused, refer to the currency converter at the back of your travel guide. Or just weep until someone takes pity on you and gives you things for free.

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