Life & Style - Play - Formula One Championship Edition (2 stars)

Formula One Championship Edition (Sony)


Unless you’re blessed with the cat-like dexterity of everyone’s favourite square-jawed Scot, chances are you’ll appreciate the help that Sony are trying to give in their latest racer. Unlike Mr Coulthard, most of us were born with fat chipolatas for fingers. We lack the sort of quick reflexes necessary to succeed in F1 that only professional drivers and small green Jedi seem to possess. Thankfully the game’s developers realise this, and have inserted idiot-proof painted racing lines to guide you on your way.

Unfortunately, while this does make driving a great deal easier this game ultimately feels too handheld. Races quickly dissolve into hopeless battles against tedium, as you mindlessly follow each course’s bright green racing trails. The handling also feels insubstantial, more akin to running your old Scalectrix along the floor than controlling a 1000-horsepower supercar. It does look lovely, mind. But all the HD tarmac in the world can’t save this from mediocrity.

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