Small Wonder - The Wee Chill

Small Wonder - The Wee Chill

Summer Festivals Special

Glasgow’s Wee Chill provides proof positive the best things really do come in small packages. Colin McKean goes behind the scenes to investigate this

So, what’s The Wee Chill then?
The Wee Chill is a small, relaxed festival that takes place in the atmospheric environs of the Glasshouse in Glasgow’s Queens Park. This one-day party is an official precursor to The Big Chill, which is, as the name suggests, a larger, but similarly easy-going event held annually in the Malvern Hills, Herefordshire at the start of August.

Who’s playing?
The Horse Meat Disco stage will be headlined by Justus Kohncke, one of the star producers signed to Michael Mayer’s Cologne-based Kompakt records, respected purveyors of melodic European house and techno, while Raresh, part of Sven Vath’s Cocoon family will be closing the Subculture Vs. Sensu stage with some refined beeps, thumps and clicks.

What about local talent?
Glasgow’s DJing community is well represented by Optimo’s Twitch and Wilkes, Harri and Domenic of Subculture, the Sensu DJs and Pro Vinylist Karim amongst others.

What if electronic music makes my head hurt?
Alternatively, you could watch a number of upcoming bands, including The ID Parade, Pop Up and Figure 5, performing on the Hi Jacked Records stage throughout the evening.

What if all kinds of music make my head hurt?
Then The Wee Chill is probably not really for you, but there will be plenty of non-musical diversions on the day, including art installations, magicians, face painting and a food court. If all else fails you could always retire to one of the festival’s three bars or investigate the Glasshouse’s tropical fish pond and cacti.

The Wee Chill is at the Glasshouse, Queen’s Park, Glasgow, Sat 30 May.

The Wee Chill

The boutique dance and live music festival features performances from Admiral Fallow, Washington Irving, The Little Kicks, Call To Mind, Poor Things, Atom Tree, Konx-Om-Pax and Lee Watson. The Wee Chill also hosts a Christmas market, record fair, short film cinema and street food cartel's Christmas extravaganza.

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