Life & Style - Play - Motorstorm (4 stars)

Motorstorm (Evolution Studios)


Mud. That’s apparently what next-gen is all about. Granted, this may not be the most ringing endorsement for drawing £425 from your bank account, but bear with us. You see, this isn’t just any old mud, oh no. It’s gloriously unpredictable, interactive, life-affirming mud. And it just happens to make Motorstorm the most thrilling, visceral racing experience since Nintendo’s Wave Race series.

What makes this off-road racer so blisteringly brilliant is the sheer sense of exhilaration and anarchy that envelopes you each time you throw your vehicle around a corner, where even the most miniscule pebble can send your big rig careening off course like it was hit by an atomic blast. Couple this with a wide variety of finely balanced vehicles, a selection of memorable courses and an excellent soundtrack, and you have quite the launch title. It’s just a pity the developers didn’t have time to squeeze in a few more tracks.

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