Life & Style - Play - Sonic The Hedgehog (1 star)

Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega)


Remember the days when all Sonic had to worry about was running through shiny gold rings and traversing the occasional loop-the-loop? Well now he’s got a lot more to contend with. Other than rescuing his - disturbingly - human girlfriend, Sonic also has to amble around a depressingly lifeless town hub, running chores for the inhabitants, RPG style. What next, a mortgage and trips to his chiropractor?

The PS3 wields enough power to make the dinner, do your taxes and run a 40-person Resistance deathmatch all at once. So you’d think funnelling a cute cartoon mammal through a series of linear platform levels would be a breeze. Wrong. The whole game suffers from a level of technical ineptitude that would make a bargain bin PS2 title blush. Slowed-down, horrendous collision detection and imprecise controls all point to a game rushed out for the system’s launch. Shallow, joyless and utterly redundant.

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