Baby Loves Disco

Baby Loves Disco

Given that most small children have a compulsion to dance, it took a long time for someone to come up with the smart idea of a hang-out for dancefloor-addicted tinys. But in a few short years, Baby Loves Disco has grown dramatically to become an international concern with events happening across the US, UK and beyond.

The idea is simple, but effective: take a space – in this case a couple of small ante-rooms at the Corn Exchange – blackout one room, set up those flashing lights, bubble machines and turntables, dish out the random percussion instruments, stick on some serious party tunes and fill it full of excitable 1–7-year-olds. There’s also a chill-out room for when it all gets a bit too much, filled with Gymboree toys and inflatables and room for breathless parents to catch a moment’s respite.

Add on free face painting, healthy snacks (fruit, Organix bars and juice), a bar for the grown-ups and you’ve got a pretty fine way to spend a soggy Sunday afternoon. A note to the musos among you though, the music isn’t strictly disco all the way, the DJ bringing things up to date with a smattering of Girls Aloud and Britney, but for the most part it’s all frighteningly authentic. Think of this as a kind of junior Studio 54 but without the cocaine or nudity. And everyone knows how much fun that was.

Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Sun 7 Jun; Tiger, Tiger, Glasgow, Sun 28 Jun

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