Errol White Dance

Errol White Dance

Like a volcano about to erupt, Errol White is preparing to explode onto the Scottish dance scene. Familiar to audiences from his time with companies such as Scottish Dance Theatre, Phoenix and X Factor, White is finally taking the ultimate step as a dancer/choreographer – forming his own company. ‘I’ve simmered for a long time,’ he says. ‘And leaving Phoenix was the real turning point – I felt it was time to put up or shut up.’

As a dancer, White has always drawn the eye, whether he’s performing moves true to his London Contemporary Dance School training or athletic steps from his street dance days. But that’s only half the story. Whoever he has worked with, White has seen himself as more than just a conduit for somebody else’s movement.

‘I’ve spent so much of my life in repertory situations and working with independent choreographers,’ explains White. ‘And I’ve been a creative individual in all those set-ups – I always felt like a choreographer. The early part of my career was about learning the skills which would service a choreographic life after being a performer, and the end goal was to have a company.’

That time has finally arrived, and Errol White Dance will perform its first show, Three Works at the Traverse before touring Scotland. Featuring a solo performed by White, a duet for him and associate artist, Davina Givan and a group work for four dancers, the triple-bill has been gestating almost as long as the company.

‘The origins of the solo date back to when I was in Scottish Dance Theatre and my father passed away,’ explains White. ‘I started to analyse why we are the way we are, both emotionally and physically. The duet is an extension of that – it questions how you hold onto your identity once you enter a union. And the group piece looks at how you define who you are when you extend yourself into the world. With all of the works it’s really about getting them out there – because they’ve been boiling away for a long time.’

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 5 & Sat 6 Jun

Three Works

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