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  • 28 May 2009

Franz Ferdinand Blood (Domino) A hit-and-miss retooling of the band’s recent Tonight album. The real dubby moments are a sonorous joy among the modest reshuffles of others.

Loop A Gilded Eternity (Reactor) A very welcome reissue of the immense final album from Crawley’s much-underrated psychedelic adventurers: the missing link between Gang of Four and Stereolab.

Just Jack All Night Cinema (Mercury) A second album of sweet, albeit incisive and excitable, urban indie from this gangly, sub-Mike Skinner yarn spinner.

Kylie Minoise Live in Japan/The Paralysis Sect (Kovorox Sound) Another two hours of vast sonic misadventure from one of Scotland’s most diligent and errant noisemongers.

Crazy Arm Born to Ruin (Xtra Miles Recordings) Hard twanging Plymouth roots punks release a debut that enjoys sonic kinship with The King Blues, Gene Vincent and classic 80s US hardcore punk.

Hollywood Undead Swan Songs (Universal) Some sicko bred lab rats from the DNA of Eminem and Slipknot but they came out sounding like N’Sync. Horrible, horrible stuff. You have been warned.

Dub Pistols Rum & Coke (Sunday Best) Fresh from being support on the Specials reunion tour the English ska-funk-hip hop duo enlist Gregory Isaacs, Lindy Layton and Justin Robertson to bolster their joyful beats and breaks.

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