Led Bib: Sensible Shoes (4 stars)

Led Bib: Sensible Shoes

The iconoclastic free jazz-meets-punk-and-rock band and the equally experimental American label seem a good match up. The London-based quartet deliver another full-on blast of the formula that has brought them a lot of attention, and do not seem inhibited by the studio setting. Their highly energised treatments confirm their penchant for adventurous experiment, but there is a more reflective side of their work on show as well, as in the pastoral ‘Water Shortage’.

Although the alternately lyrical and squalling saxophones of Chris Williams and Pete Grogan is the most ear-catching element of their trademark sound, it is a band sound. Toby McLaren’s keyboards and Liran Donin’s bass play a full roles, and the drummer is also the composer-in-chief, having written all but two tracks, complete with Delia Derbyshire-style electronics on ‘2.4:1 (still equals none)’.

(Cuneiform Records)

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