Wavves: Wavvves (3 stars)

Wavves: Wavvves

Nothing beats a bit of noisy weird-pop, and the world’s premier purveyor of it currently is 22 year-old San Diegan Nathan Williams aka Wavves. This second effort from the enigmatic chap takes the listener on a brilliantly unsettling journey through discordant, squealing, atonal, electronic spurts, shrieks, clattering rhythms and piles and piles of heavy distortion. If all of this sounds a bit much for newcomers, then start with the rhythmic folk of ‘Jet Plane (Staying On)’ or catchy scratchy surf punk offerings of ‘No Hope Kids’ and ‘So Bored’ and work around them. You see, Wavvves, in all of its oddball glory, is definitely worth the effort.

(Fat Possum)